Defining the winning team and the stakeholders to be involved

The introduction of a new communication platform like ahead has a great impact within the company and should positively change the company culture. Having the right people on board at the very beginning is a critical success factor.

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Our goal is to help you from the beginning of your project to the launch, including post-launch activities to ensure the sustainability and longevity of the new ahead platform. The foundation of a successful cor team is made up of people from the executive team, corporate communications, human resources and IT. These individuals understand why internal communication is critical for future business success.

Team size and roles

The team size can vary greatly, but normally the size ranges between 3 and 7 people. It is important that the team members can make decisions on behalf of their department with regard to the communication platform. The responsibilities within the team should be defined as follows:

  • Intranet Sponsor: has responsibility for driving and funding the intranet project. They don't necessarily have to be involved day-to-day with the project. Oftentimes, the sponsor comes from the corporate communications or HR team and is part of the executive board. It’s important to keep open communication with the project sponsor on high level topics and updates so that they can communicate on the project milestones to both the users and executives.
  • Intranet Owner: is responsible for the intranet during the roll-out and also after the go-live. Normally reporting to the intranet sponsor, they ensure that the targets set are met and on track.
  • Content Creators: representatives from different departments who will be responsible for content creation on the platform. The number of representatives on this team is determined by the content authoring model chosen by you.
  • Internal IT: has a supporting role before and after go-live to ensure that the platform is secure and easily accessible to all users.


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