Culture Management

Alignment that inspires and motivates

Foster a better work culture where employees can get together and socialize through one channel – anytime, anywhere.
Three workers in a retail store check in their intranet key elements of the corporate culture, such as vision and mission.

Amplify the company culture and values across the board

Define the corporate culture and communicate it to an engaged and high-performing workforce.
Use ahead's Company Compass to align every employee with the values of your organization and ensure that they are committed to what really matters.
A board containing elements of the company culture, such as vision, mission, values and goals, to improve employee commitment.
Mission and Vision
Guide the thinking and actions of your workforce towards a shared destination.
Core values
Cultivate and foster strong core values to increase employee engagement, retention and acquisition.
Keep everyone goal-oriented and committed to the role they play in the company's success.
Engagement metrics
Understand how people connect with the culture.
Adapt the strategy to make the company and its people grow.
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Lead by example and show that actions are aligned with words

Share how actions are aligned with the overarching strategy. Illustrate how behavior is aligned with the company identity and culture.
News and Stories that are connected to the company culture are displayed in a timeline.
Connected News
Publish meaningful news that are linked to the elements of your Company Compass.
Connected Stories
Visualize through your employees' eyes how they experience the company culture.
Compass timeline
Track and remember all events related to elements of the Company Compass.

Build a strong and healthy feedback culture

Give employees a voice and hear them. Let them share their ideas and concerns to create recognition and appreciation.
A poll requesting feedback on shift work and people reacting and commenting on a story.
Create a safe space for discussion. Gather insights directly from employees and identify opportunity for improvement.
Digital polls
Publish polls and reach your whole workforce. Get fast feedback and know their opinion about certain matters.
Send 1:1 and group messages to connect directly with colleagues, wherever they are.

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More features to supercharge your people

Internal Communications
Reach every employee or target specific audiences with engaging and effective communication.
Information Hub
Keep all knowledge and tools in one place and find important documents and information swiftly.
Employee Engagement
Share experiences across locations, build relationships and foster an open feedback culture.