Employee Engagement

Break silos and bring people together

Foster a better work culture that lets colleagues connect across locations and socialize through one channel. Employees love using ahead!
Three people at work use their cell phones to share stories via their intranet with colleagues in other parts of the world.

Share experiences and feedback with colleagues

Give your workforce a true voice with social networking features and share the great things happening everyday.
Boost employee engagement and, with that, employee happiness and productivity with visually appealing Stories that show what gets you excited.
A feed of stories created by employees and a feed of updates from external sources, such as Instagram, stocks and daily menu.

Build a culture of openness and measure its impact

Create a dynamic environment where employees at every level have a voice to contribute, and can share and receive feedback.
Take the pulse of your organization. Measure employee satisfaction and interaction levels with digital polls and engagement analytics.
A poll requesting feedback on shift work and a chart with the most engaged employees.
Share comments and feedback
Let everyone speak up and feel heard. Let opinions, feedback, and emotions flow in a healthy and fruitful way.
React to news and other content
Quick reactions
Get a rough idea of what people think about news and other content with simple reactions. 👍❤️😄😢
Publish digital polls
Digital polls
Involve your employees in the decision-making process and ask for their valuable opinion on relevant topics.
Identify hidden champions
Hidden champions
Identify your internal brand ambassadors and empower them to spread the culture and improve the work climate.
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Connect your workforce across languages

Spark a smooth two-way communication by providing content and discussions in the reader's native language.
ahead is multilingual at heart — it supports 9 languages for content and interface elements as well as 30 languages for the Auto-Translate Premium feature.
Learn more about Auto-Translate
A piece of news is translated in English, German, French and Spanish, and also provides an automatic translation in other languages.

Simplify onboarding for your frontline workers

Ease your workforce into the platform with a streamlined and hassle-free onboarding flow.
Office and frontline workers will conveniently sign in and take their first steps into their new digital home.
A QR code that allows the workforce to join the intranet and a language selector with 30 languages.

Move into your new digital home

Have a look at how ahead can transform the way your company communicates.
Try it out for yourself for free or let us show you around.
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More features to supercharge your people

Internal Communications
Reach every employee or target specific audiences with engaging and effective communication.
Information Hub
Keep all knowledge and tools in one place and find important documents and information swiftly.
Culture Management
Align everyone with your company core values and create a meaningful and inspiring culture.