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Frequently Asked Questions

Initial Setup

Can I migrate my existing intranet to ahead?

Often, a lot of waste has accumulated over the years in an intranet. We recommend to use your move to ahead to clean up and only migrate what’s important. This is best done by manually migrating your content pages.

If you have to transfer all your content, depending on your previous intranet, we have possibilities to migrate that content.

What languages does ahead support?

ahead is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Japanese and Chinese (simplified). This means that you can create news and pages in these languages.

The interface is available in all the previous languages, plus Hindi and Tamil. Japanese is not available as interface language.

ahead also provides a premium feature to provide automatic translation of news and pages.

Learn more about Auto-Translate
What project costs are involved with ahead?

ahead doesn’t have any project costs. We are an Intranet-as-a-Service, that is completely hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Within 10 minutes you can get going with ahead.

What technical requirements do I need to use ahead?

ahead lives in the Azure cloud and doesn’t require a lot. To get going, make sure you can answer the following:

  • You have SharePoint. That means at least the SharePoint Online Plan 1 or any Office 365 plan that contains SharePoint (All Office 365 Business plans).
  • The users of ahead have access to SharePoint.
  • You know your Azure Directory ID.
  • You know your *
  • In your Active Directory you created separate groups for Users, Editors and Admins. From these groups we need the Object ID. If you don’t do this, everybody will be able to do everything.
  • Your admin needs to give consent to our application:


What can I configure?

→ Check this other FAQ: 'What areas of ahead's design can be changed?'


You can define your own navigational structure. When opening the menu, which is available on every page, you can see first and second-level items. With this starting point, there are no limitations on how deep you want to nest your navigation.

Quicklinks & Applications

You can define quicklinks and application links for all of your employees. These links are only one click away on every page. These links can be adapted to every language you have in ahead.

News channels

You can create your own set of channels, which should be available when writing news post. These work as filters on the homepage.


You can set up external information to be pushed into ahead using our OpenAPI standard. This works with tools you might already be using. We recommend Microsoft Flow or Zapier. Basically any tool that supports an HTTP POST action is supported. With your own API access key for ahead, these triggers are authorized to push updates into your activity wall.


→ Check this other FAQ: 'What languages does ahead support?'

What areas of ahead's design can be changed?

ahead allows admins to adjust some attributes of its design to reflect the identity of your company or brand.

The interface look & feel can be changed by adding your company logo, your fonts and your colors.

Learn more about the design
Does ahead work on smartphones and tablets?

ahead is built with a mobile-first approach. We all know that work doesn’t happen on just one device anymore. Compared to other software, we don’t provide your employees with a second-class mobile experience. We design fluidly, which means our interface adapts to every screen size.

Data Security

How does ahead comply with the GDPR?

ahead complies with the GDPR by following its 7 key principles:

1. Lawfulness, Fairness, Transparency

Personal data is processed in a lawful and transparent manner, ensuring fairness towards the individuals whose personal data ahead is processing.

ahead Intranet is exclusively available as a B2B commercial solution. As a result ahead processes all data based on a contractual obligation (a contract between the Customer and ahead).

The Customer is acting as data controller and ahead as data processor in respect of the Customer Data and Authorized User Data, when performing its obligations under this Agreement (the terms “data controller and “processor” shall have the meaning set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016 / 679).

ahead will collect and process Customer Data only on valid grounds under the GDPR. In particular, ahead processes Customer Data for the performance of the contracts with its Customers.

ahead ensures that it does not manage Customer Data in a way that could be in breach of any other laws.

ahead will use Customer Data in a way that is fair. This means ahead will not process Customer Data in a way that is unduly detrimental, unexpected or misleading to the Customer concerned.

ahead is clear, open and honest with its Customers from the start about how ahead will use their Customer Data.

2. Purpose (Limitation)

Along with the specific purposes for processing the data and the set limitations ahead has specific internal guidelines for the analysis of the gathered data.

ahead only collects data that is created and processed within ahead Intranet itself, and will do so for as long as ahead is under a contractual obligation with the Customer and in compliance with applicable law.

ahead is clear about what ahead’s purposes for processing Data are from the start.

ahead will only use Customer Data for a new purpose if either this is compatible with ahead’s original purpose, the Customer gave consent, or there is a clear basis in law.

3. Need-to-Know Principle (Data Minimization)

ahead collects and processes only the personal data that is necessary to fulfill that purpose (‘data minimization’).

ahead ensures that the Customer Data it processes is:

  • adequate – sufficient to properly fulfill ahead’s stated purpose;
  • relevant – has a rational link to that purpose; and
  • limited to what is necessary – ahead does not hold more than it needs for that purpose.

4. Accuracy

The data accuracy is the exclusive responsibility of the Data Controller, which is ahead’s Customer.

5. Storage (Limitation)

ahead ensures that personal data is stored for no longer than necessary for the purposes for which it was collected (‘storage limitation’).

ahead only stores data that is created and processed within ahead Intranet itself, and will do so for as long as ahead is under a contractual obligation with our Customer.

For the purpose of further development and support, ahead may use a small subset of user data for analysis and research.

6. Integrity (and Confidentiality)

ahead has appropriate technical and organizational safeguards in place that ensure the security of the personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technology (‘integrity and confidentiality’).

ahead Intranet is a.o. based on Microsoft Azure hosted in the European Region. Learn more about Azure Security on the trusted cloud pages at

7. Accountability

ahead as a data processor takes responsibility for how it processes Customer Data and how ahead complies with the other principles.

ahead has appropriate measures and records in place to be able to ensure compliance.

Where is the data stored?

ahead works with Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology. Your data is secured in Azure’s West Europe region.

“Get the same comprehensive security, privacy, compliance, and intellectual property protections that 95 percent of Fortune 500 businesses, governments, and startups that run on the Microsoft Cloud have today.” —

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the personal data may be transferred or stored outside the EEA or the country where the Customer and the Authorized Users are located in order to carry out the Services and ahead’s other obligations under this Agreement.

Who has access to the data?

Through the use of ahead Intranet, the Service interoperates with a range of third party service features, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and others.

For the purpose of development and support, ahead has access to the relevant Azure instances if and when required. However, ahead has no access to the Customers’ Office 365 environment, unless the customer specifically instructs otherwise.

What are my rights as an individual end-user with regards to the data that is created and processed through my usage of ahead Intranet?

The ahead Intranet is exclusively available as a B2B commercial solution. As a result, ahead processes all data based on a contractual obligation (a contract between the Customer and ahead), whereby the Customer acts as the data controller and ahead is a data processor.

For any questions related to an individual user and his/her (Personal) Data that is processed as a result of using ahead Intranet, please contact the responsible person within the Customer (as the Data Controller).

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