Internal Communications

One effective channel to reach your workforce

Keep employees informed and engaged by distributing targeted content — available anywhere on desktop or mobile devices.
A warehouse worker with a tablet receives the latest news through his company's intranet.

Publishing news made easy

The intuitive text editor is easy for anyone to use and optimized to create meaningful and engaging content.
Make changes on the fly and always see the results right on your screen. Your news will come to life before your eyes.
A WYSIWYG text editor based on modular building blocks to include videos, polls, documents and more.
Arrange modular components to create content
Building blocks
Add and move modular blocks to include videos, polls, documents and more.
Editors can collaborate
Editor collaboration
Choose to work on your own or collaborate with specific editors in your organization.
What-you-see-is-what-you-get interface
The 'What You See Is What You Get' interface ensures that the news will always look as you imagined them.
Schedule your publications
Schedule publishing
You don't need to be at your computer to press the publish button. ahead does it for you.

Build connections across languages

Connect employees around the world by sharing information and news in their native language.
ahead supports 9 languages for editors and interface elements, plus a powerful auto-translate tool with 30 languages.
A piece of news is translated in English, German, French and Spanish, and also provides an automatic translation in other languages.

Make your message count

Set target audiences based on your Active Directory groups to deliver only relevant news. Organize your news into channels to reduce clutter.
Make sure your employees never miss essential news by sending them in-app and email notifications.
A new notification is received to read a company update and an audience selector that lets editor define who to target.
Target news to specific audiences
Target audiences
Publish news according to the needs and profiles of specific groups.
Use channels to order the news
News channels
Keep the newsfeed tidy. Organize the content based on topics or interests.  
Send notifications
Well-timed notifications
Send in-app and email notifications for important news.
Personalized home feed
Personalized feed
Reduce the clutter by letting employees only view the news that matter to them.

Track performance and engagement

Analyze the performance of your internal communications strategy. Real-time data ensure that the content is always relevant and up-to-date.
Boost engagement with social features that invite your employees to share their thoughts and start conversations.
Analytics charts that provides data about user behavior and content performance.
Analytics of usage and engagement
Usage analytics
Get a clear picture of how your workforce uses ahead and view their interaction and engagement rates.
Quickly react to content
Quick reactions are perfect for taking the pulse of your communications.
Comment on news and pages to start discussions
Users can start discussions and share their thoughts on news, pages and stories.
Enable read confirmation
Read confirmation
Make sure people get and read critical information with read receipts.
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Move into your new digital home

Have a look at how ahead can transform the way your company communicates.
Try it out for yourself for free or let us show you around.
"With ahead, employees can access and respond to information from anywhere – digital, transparent, and cross-platform."
Rebekka Hänggi
Content & Marketing Manager
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