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Internal Communications

Reach every employee with the right message

Publish news for the entire company or target specific audiences. Ensure engagement with our mobile-first approach and track the performance of your strategy.

"With ahead, employees can access and respond to information from anywhere – digital, transparent, and cross-platform."
Rebekka Hänggi
Content & Marketing Manager
A warehouse worker with a tablet receives the latest news through his company's intranet.
Information Hub

Keep all knowledge and tools in one place

Build up your company’s collective knowledgebase and find Office 365 documents and information with powerful search engine.
"Our new intranet is powered by a great search, can be accessed from all devices and works seamlessly with our existing tools."
Dorothea Portmann
Project Manager
A woman at the office uses the search engine integrated into her company's intranet to find important information.
Employee Engagement

Share experiences and connect across locations

Create a stimulating work environment in which employees can build relationships and contribute to an open feedback culture.
"ahead is the glue that keeps us together in the fast-paced business world."
Nicolas Schibler
Managing Partner
Three people at work use their cell phones to share stories via their intranet with colleagues in other parts of the world.
Culture Management

Create alignment that inspires and motivates

Put the company’s mission and core values where they belong — at the center of internal communications — through a meaningful corporate culture.
"Culture is important to us and ahead helps us to implement and live it."
Serge Rolle
Three workers in a retail store check in their intranet key elements of the corporate culture, such as vision and mission.
Why ahead?

ahead adds value to your business

ahead is designed for diversity
Designed for diversity
No matter whether your workforce is spread around the world, includes desk or frontline workers or speaks many different languages — ahead meets all your needs.
ahead is fast and reliable
Fast and reliable
We focus on building a secure, fast and robust platform to protect your people and your data, by complying with the highest security standards.
ahead has top-rated usability
Top-rated usability
ahead empowers your workforce with simple and beautiful technology so that every employee is connected and engaged from day one.

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