The information hub that brings everything together.

ahead is your digital workplace in the cloud. With over 15 years of intranet expertise up our sleeves, we are building ahead to manage and communicate todays work challenges.


Find, don’t search.
Speed up your workflow.

  • Unified search field for everything
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Search documents, co-workers, groups or clients within your tools.

“Up to 30% of work time is lost searching for information.” The High Cost of Not Finding Information, IDC study


Works the way you do.
Get the information that matters to you.

  • Clutter-free news inbox that respects your focus.
  • Target specific audiences easily by location, interests, organizational unit…
“With ahead I can reach the right people with the right message.” Benjamin Regez, CEO isolutions


Work is serious fun.
Gets you closer to what is happening.

  • See updates from around your company at a glance
  • Create photo stories for events
  • Discuss content with your colleagues
  • Analyze sentiment to ease moderation
“ahead is the glue that keeps us all together in our rapidly changing business world.” Nicolas Schibler, Managing Partner Trade Marketing Intelligence


Keep your existing tools.
Make ahead your information hub.

  • Setup intelligent flows that push updates right into ahead.
  • Supports over 1000 integrations via Zapier, Microsoft Flow, IFTTT and many more.
  • Works best with Office 365 and SharePoint.

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The intranet you’ll love.

  • World class support by our intranet experts
  • Hosted on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud
  • Highly-performant web application
  • Keep your existing tools
  • Engage employees
  • Mobile-first experience

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