Our Guiding Force: the Voice of Our Customers

Discover ahead's customer insights from ClearBox's 2024 review of Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms

March 12, 2024
Sophia Brandt
Customer Success Manager

In the dynamic landscape of intranets and employee experience platforms, the 2024 Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms review by ClearBox Consulting echoes a sentiment we resonate with at ahead. With seventeen years of experience, this year’s ClearBox Consulting review reflects on the enduring impact of these platforms when well-maintained, acknowledging the universal challenges they address - helping people work seamlessly, staying informed, and fostering a positive organizational culture.


ClearBox Consulting's review not only assesses the tools themselves but also opens a window into the voices of users, those navigating and using these platforms daily. Among them, ahead stands for its simplicity and efficiency, where both administrators and employees find a swift onboarding experience. Customers appreciate ahead’s self-explanatory configuration and operation, emphasizing that users become productive quickly.

One user simply puts it, "Simplicity! Configuration and operation are very self-explanatory. Users can work productively after a short time." The mobile experience is a strong suit, bringing employees together seamlessly, regardless of function or location. As one user emphasizes, "All employees, regardless of function and location, are part of the community."

Mobile Experience

Users also commend the mobile app's aesthetic appeal and user-friendly design on the go. It's not just a tool; it's a community-building force. "I find a lot of value in the mobile app. I think it’s very aesthetically pleasing and easy to use on the go," remarks another satisfied customer.

Of course, no tool is perfect, and customer feedback is our compass for growth. Some customers highlighted the desire for more flexibility over layout and improved menu structures. They advocate for "more flexible placement of elements" and clearer quick links. User feedback is crucial for our improvement and an integral part of how our product grows. This is reflected in our product roadmap for this year, where we will address this feedback with the ahead Vibes.


Customers have spoken, and their experiences resonate with the heart of our mission at ahead. The feedback is not just about our product; it's a testament to the collaborative journey we share with our users. What’s heartening is the unanimous positive feedback about working with ahead. Customers describe us as 'kind,' 'knowledgeable,' and 'patient,' underscoring the closeness and personal support we provide.

Customer Support & Communication

Our commitment to transparent communication shines through, as expressed by a customer: "The company communicates openly and quickly." We believe that good project support is woven with experience, ensuring a comprehensive A-Z coverage. One customer encapsulates their experience, stating, "The provider has a lot of experience, and you can tell. The project support was complete from A-Z."


In the evolving landscape of the digital workplace, customer feedback is our guide. ClearBox Consulting's review reflects the real-world impact we have on users. As we move forward, these voices will continue to shape ahead, ensuring it remains a solution that meets and exceeds the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Looking for an intranet your employees love?

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Looking for an intranet your employees love?
Discover ahead

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