Läderach's recipe for successful internal communication

Discover how the sweet blend of Swiss chocolate mastery and internal communication innovation connected and engaged 1800 employees across 18 countries.

November 16, 2023
Sophia Brandt
Customer Success Manager

In the world of sweet indulgence, Läderach stands out for its unique, top quality Swiss chocolate and its commitment to the global workforce. With 1800 employees spanning 18 countries, the chocolate production and retailing powerhouse has faced the sweet challenge of connecting its diverse workforce and ensuring everyone stays in the loop.

The Challenge

Läderach's growth over the past five years, doubling in size and expanding internationally, presented a unique hurdle — how to maintain seamless communication across the company's widespread operations. The challenge was particularly daunting when it came to reaching non-desk employees in different branches and production sites. The question lingered: How do you keep everyone engaged and informed when they are scattered from San Francisco to Shanghai?

The Solution

With ahead, Läderach created a digital communication platform that proved to be the game-changer in overcoming these communication barriers. The social and mobile intranet became the glue that connected headquarters with markets, locations, and everything in between. It isn't just a one-way street; it facilitates a dynamic, two-way exchange of information.

  1. Accessibility Everywhere: The mobile nature of ahead ensures that employees can access vital company updates from anywhere. Whether in a Swiss headquarters or a branch halfway across the world, everyone stays in the loop.
  2. From CEO to the Production Floor: Communication with ahead isn't just a top-down affair. Videos, success stories, and updates are not just disseminated by leadership but are actively contributed "bottom up" from countries, production units, and logistics sites.
  3. Empowering Non-Desk Employees: The challenge of reaching non-desk employees was effectively addressed. Before ahead, these crucial team members were often left out of the loop or informed informed via paper trail. Now, they are not only informed but also actively contribute to the company's narrative, sharing stories and insights from their unique perspectives.
  4. Collaborative Problem-Solving: The collaborative approach with the ahead team, where customer input is not just welcomed but actively sought, ensures that the platform evolves in line with Läderach's specific needs and challenges.

As Läderach continues its trajectory of growth and innovation, ahead remains a vital tool in their arsenal. With plans to expand into new markets, the company aims to keep teams and partners close, fostering a sense of unity as if they were right there in Switzerland.

In the dynamic of global business, Läderach has found a recipe for success not just in their delicious chocolates but also in the sweet symphony of effective internal communication. A testament to the influence of digital tools in maintaining a positive and open company culture.

Unite your global workforce with ahead

Reach all your employees with modern internal communication

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Unite your global workforce with ahead
Reach all your employees with modern internal communication
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