Start with the Why

Why did you start this project? Why should people invest their time? In this lesson you will sharpen the vision and goals for the launch of the ahead platform.

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Congratulations, you have decided to introduce a communication platform with ahead to reach all employees. Most likely, not all your colleagues are on the same level as you. Before we get straight into the planning, it is important that you get all stakeholders on board with the common vision and goals. The "why" should show the stakeholders the benefits and importance.

Create the overarching vision for the ahead platform

For example, a vision could look like this: "Our ahead platform will be the place where employees share, find and network to improve customer service, drive innovation and strengthen the we-feeling." The vision should be easy to remember. We recommend starting every project meeting with this vision. This helps to maintain focus and direction in the long term.

Define measurable goals

These goals help to clarify what exactly you want to achieve with the new platform. There are different levels of goals. Not all of them can be measured equally well.

Impact on business objectives
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce errors due to misunderstandings
  • Acceleration of change and digitalisation projects

Measurability is difficult, as other factors may have a greater impact on success

Become more efficient
  • Employees have easy access to important information and do not have to obtain it from supervisors or HR

Especially in HR, this can be measured well if the number of requests on standard topics decreases.

Strengthening of identification
  • Better team and interdepartmental collaboration
  • Fewer absences due to illness
  • Increase in employee satisfaction
  • Establish an inspiring company culture

Measurability for employee satisfaction and absences in particular can be measured quite well

Use of the platform
  • User engagement
  • Click rates for content

Very easy to measure, as it is standard in the ahead platform

Define boundaries

Especially in the start-up phase, it is important to manage the expectations of the different stakeholders. It also helps to clearly define what will not be part of the ahead platform. Below you will find some examples of what ahead is not primarily made for:

  • Document storage
  • Workflow and process control
  • Project management software

Note your vision, goals and boundaries, you'll need them later in the kick-off presentation.

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Ziele, Arbeitswelt, anfangen, Projekt, Vision

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