Videos in Stories are available now!

Say 👋 to a great new feature on ahead! Put yourself in your favorite looks, grab your camera, and “3, 2, 1… We’re filming”. Because now, you can post videos in Stories! 🎬️

May 27, 2021

The social feature Stories was released on ahead back in summer 2018. Since then, it has become one of the most loved and popular features by our users. The tool allows everyone to share pictures and thoughts with the rest of their colleagues. But what keeps it so popular is that the interaction is built spontaneously, as one Story is live for its first four days and stored after that period of time.

The use of this feature has been in constant growth since its launch, so we had one mission to complete: to go ahead and make Stories even better. How? Adding the one missing content piece: videos.

The new format of sharing video content with your co-workers will generate a much richer, engaging, and memorable interaction within your company. Are you as well ready to move ahead? 🚀

The rules for aspiring filmmakers

We get it. This is the moment you have all been waiting for. But even if you are more of a creator type, or more of a consumer, there are some rules that you need to know to win Best Picture at your annual Company Academy Awards.

To maintain Stories as a fresh and dynamic experience, videos have a maximum length of one minute. ⏱️ Take note, it always seems more time than what it is.

To post videos, you can either record them directly from your selected Story, using the ahead mobile app in your phone, or for a better resolution you can upload them from your gallery or files, both from the app and the desktop version.

Attention! If you want to gain extra points, you can also connect your new video to your Company Compass. 🧭 If it is related to any of your organization’s vision, mission, values ,or goals, of course. Take a look at how to implement this.

And you must remember, it always revolves around a Story topic. So we recommend not to post a clip of your cat taking a nap if the Story is called "New exciting updates from the Dev team!". 😉

ahead social intranet internal communication employee app videos in stories

And the nominees are…

We hope you are ready for a new wave of captivating users and content! Videos in Stories will increase your workforce’s engagement, as this new format of content can be more entertaining, can give a wider vision of those shared moments, and can generate more authentic conversations about them. And of course, it will boost your workforce’s creativity! 👏 So, make sure you track this engaging growth, and stay up-to-date with our other recent release, Insights.

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Everything is ready for the premiere

Now that you are an expert on the new videos in Stories feature, isn’t it time to bring the news to your own ahead intranet? We think you should definitely do it, and in a cool way! 📹 We have collected some ideas you can use for your first Stories with videos (we already did a few in our team):

  • “What was the greatest moment of your weekend?” - Ask your teammates to post a clip from their favorite moment from their weekend. Only healthy jealousy is permitted.
  • “Who has the coolest home office set up?” – To your desk-workers working from home, challenge them to post a video of their home office. What is that one element that makes it the coolest? 😎
  • “Memory, all alone in the moonlight” – Not so alone anymore with ahead! Even if it’s not Throwback Thursday, let’s go back in time and ask everyone to share some of those precious moments people have filmed along the years working at the company. Warning: some dangerous party videos can see the light. 😅 #OldButGold
  • “The Marketing and Communications team has arrived” – We all know why these passionate and creative folks will love the feature. They will, of course, use it to promote those upcoming corporate and events videos they asked you to be part of. But isn’t it great to have a new place to tease your company's media content in an internal way?
  • “Check-in with a video!” – Ask your teammates to start the day with a cool video message. 🎥 Where are you colleagues working from today? How is the weather? What is their main goal for the day?
  • “Who can sing the lowest?” – For the meme creators, and funny ones. Challenge your team and compete in who can sing the lowest.
ahead social intranet internal communication employee app videos in stories

We are very excited for you all to start experimenting with videos in Stories. We hope it helps your crew to stay engaged, connected, and, above it all, fun. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Let’s move ahead together! 🙌


Feel free to contact us if you have any question or feedback regarding the new feature. We will be delightful to help you go ahead!

Contact us
Feel free to contact us if you have any question or feedback regarding the new feature. We will be delightful to help you go ahead!
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