Taking care of your workforce’s mental health

Work is a key element for mental health and this year has set a completely different situation to everyone. These are some recommendations to improve your individual and your workforce's well-being.

October 9, 2020

October 10th, 2020 marks an important day to reflect and talk about one of the most increasing concerns of today’s society, mental health. This year, our reality has been challenged due to COVID-19, which has led the world to an even uprising conversation about the subject. The past months have set a completely different professional and personal atmosphere to everyone, where the complicated situation has caused a big amount of lost and redefined jobs. Likewise, work is a key element for mental health.

So, what are some of its risks and solutions?

Risks at your workplace

According to the World Health Organization, a negative working environment can lead to mental health problems. And vice versa, as the state of a team is defined by the combination of everyone's actual situation.

Some of the most known mental health issues that affect individuals are anxiety disorders (constant feeling of fear that can be intense and debilitating), depression (lowering of mood, loss of interest and reduced energy), and loneliness (the feeling perceived when the need for rewarding social contact and relationships is not met), among many more.  

If these types of issues can be found within your workplace, it will gradually affect the company as a total. Any type of negative circumstances can lead to lower levels of productivity and efficiency, as lack of ambition and passion of your workers for their tasks. But poor communication and management practices, as well as limited participation in decision-making, can condition your workforce’s health.

As a result of this challenging 2020, different industry sectors have opened their eyes at the possibility of working remotely. Despite all the advantages this new way of work can come with, there is one big challenge that needs to be considered: connecting your workforce and taking care of this from a distance.  

How to take care of your mental health

Mental health is very complex. There is not a unique solution for it, as everyone can be experiencing different circumstances in a big variety of levels. Some tips and techniques that can help you to improve your well-being can be:

  • Keep yourself active
  • Take care of your nutrition
  • Connect with other people  
  • Take a break when feeling overwhelmed
  • Be open to learn new skills
  • Show affection and kindness to others
  • Pay attention to the present moment
  • Try meditation and mindfulness

How to combat your workforce mental health

To provide a healthy surrounding for your team and your business, these are some of the most important recommendations you can take in consideration:

  • Establish a strong culture - Defining your vision, mission and way of work on your company is one of the most important actions to take. Not only because it is very necessary for positioning your brand in a more reliable way in front of your customers, but it is key for making your workforce feel they are part of something good and right.
  • Protect the good connection and communication – As already mentioned before, to implement a good connection and interaction within your workforce can reduce depression and loneliness in terms of feeling more connected with everyone. From relevant constant contact and clear conversations about your business core topics, to creating a safe place getting your workforce together in a more relaxed and fun way.
  • Make them understand their role - Why are you part of this company? What do we expect from you? These questions are also one of the most important actions you can promote. As an employee, not knowing a hundred percent what your role is at the company, or if your tasks can be indispensable at some point in the future, can generate uncertainty and doubt, which can lead to anxiety and lack of motivation. Showing your trust and recognizing their work is a must.
  • Have good equipment - The tools and the infrastructure need to embrace quality. And we don't mean having biggest office in town! We are talking about showing that your employees can carry their work out with the suitable tools, from their physical gadgets to how their knowledge can be shared. In times where remote work is gaining more presence, think of how two people that are working from two different countries can be working while sharing and getting access to the best know-how within the company.

We believe that creating this safe place for your company will boost a welfare state engaging all your employees and making them feel part of something right and good. We as ahead know how to digitally create your company home and we can connect all your workforce in one. We invite you to read more about our intranet application and how we can rise your company's internal communication to the best status possible!

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