Advanced Targeting is coming soon!

Advanced Targeting is a powerful new tool to give editors more control to target the right audience, while keeping things simple and effective.

November 19, 2021
Alex Donate
Product Manager

We are working on a new feature called 'Advanced Targeting' which is expected to be released in December.

The main value of this feature is to give editors a more powerful tool to target the right audiences, while keeping the same easy-to-use standards you love. Admins will also benefit from this feature because it reduces the effort required to maintain the target audiences. Advanced targeting leverages user properties in Azure Active Directory (AAD) and allows you to create target audiences based on user properties.


Let's imagine you want to target the marketing managers in Switzerland and Germany

How it's done today:

As an admin you create a group in AAD containing the corresponding users. Then, you add the group into ahead as a predefined target audience, which can be used by editors.

How it will be done with Advanced Targeting:

Editors will be able to create target audiences on the spot, containing all users whose properties are defined as follows (example):

  • 'department' equals 'Marketing',
  • 'jobTitle' equals 'Manager' and
  • 'country' equals 'Switzerland' or 'Germany'.

With Advanced Targeting, editors will create the target audiences they need for each occasion.

Here's how it will work in detail

Admins select which properties they want to bring into ahead. You can review the values to ensure that they are well-maintained and useful. The available properties will be: city, companyName, country, department, jobTitle, officeLocation, postalCode, state and streetAddress.

When publishing news, editors can create a finely tuned target audience on the spot. Set up rules and users who match these rules will be included in the target audience. The new audience can be saved for quicker access in the future.

KEEP IN MIND: Even if you don’t enable Advanced Targeting, editors will experience some small changes when using target audiences. Keep your Editors prepared and check this release note explaining the details.

Users will receive content that is more relevant for them, rather than less relevant content targeted to a broader audience. Thanks to that, their homepages will be clutter-free and informative.

Interested in upgrading ahead?

Advanced Targeting is a premium feature. It will not replace the current way of using target audiences, it's an optional upgrade which is expected to be released in December.

Ir you are interested in enabling Advanced Targeting to enhance your intranet, please send an email to

Get Advanced Targeting

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Get Advanced Targeting
Send email to to learn more.

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