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November 18, 2021

Target Audiences: Changes in the Editor Experience

📌 This changes will take effect at during the weeks of November 22nd until December 3rd.

In our recent product update email we announced a new feature: Advanced Targeting, readily available in December. As the implementation advances, some changes will already affect how editors can use target audiences. We communicate these changes in advance so editors are prepared and don't feel confused when the changes go live.

How it is today:

When creating news or pages you can find the 'Target audience' section in the settings panel.

You can either target 'All company' or select one or multiple target audiences to narrow your reach:

Targeting all company —vs— Targeting specific groups of people

How it will be:

In the 'Target Audience' section you'll find two options: 'All company' or the new button '+ Create an audience':

Targeting all company

IMPORTANT: If admins have not set any target audience in the company settings area the 'Create an audience' button will not show up, and you will only be able to target 'All company'.

Pressing on ‘+ Create an audience’ opens up a new window which contains the dropdown that allows you to select one or multiple target audiences
(ahead target audiences that are user groups synced from your Azure Active Directory are now called ‘Predefined Groups’):

Creating an audience and saving it as 'Europe Employees'

Once you define your audience, press create. You can still edit the audience you just created.

If you intend to use this audience in the future, check the ‘Save this audience for me as’ option and give it a name.

One can have only one custom audience ‘active’ at the same time. Meaning: If you create a custom audience (without saving it) the "Create an audience’ button disappears.

Just creating an audience  —vs— Saving the audience for future use


Next time you create a news or a page, your saved audiences will appear in the 'Target audience' section and your latest choice will be preselected.

You can edit or delete saved audiences at any given moment.