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August 16, 2022

That's quite pinteresting - pin news on ahead

Within ahead it is now possible to pin news. Pinned news are taken out of the usual flow of news and get promoted to a new special section on top of the news feed. lead images are shown bigger, and some chrome makes sure that the news stand out and above the rest.

Editors can decide, either during the news creation or once the news is already published, for how long it should be pinned.

in order to avoid pinned news staying pinned forever, you decide for how long the news should be treated as pinned

Once pinned, the news will be promoted to the top and some visual highlights will draw the attention to them

There can be several news pinned at once - pinned news also get filtered through channels and through the target audiences you have set up for your ahead. Once the pinning period is over, news return to the usual chronological feed.

Note: By default, all editors can also pin news - if you'd like to have more fine-grained control, please contact our CSMs.