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December 4, 2023

Targeting and Extending Duration of Stories

We've got two awesome new features for Stories that you've been asking for – check them out:

Targeting Stories 🎯

Keeping your Stories on point just got easier! Now, with the "Advanced Targeting" add-on, you can target your Stories to specific groups.

  • Regular users can pick their main property value (like location or department) or share it with the whole company.
  • Editors, on the other hand, have even more options – they can publish to any property value, not just their own.

Get in touch with your CSM to unleash the power of this game-changer!

Extended Story Duration ⏳

We heard you loud and clear! Sometimes, 4 days for a Story just isn't enough. No worries – we've added a cool new feature to keep those engaging Stories alive for longer!

  • For regular users: Your Stories still start with 4 days, but if the buzz is still going strong, you'll see a button to extend it for one more day. Keep the good vibes rolling as long as people are still contributing!

  • For editors: When crafting a Story, you can now choose from various duration options: 4, 7, 14, or 30 days! And guess what? You can even tweak the duration while the Story is live.

Spread the word and let the storytelling magic continue! 🚀