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March 5, 2024

QR codes: Scan with ease!

Here's what's new:

With our latest enhancement, users now have the option to display their unique QR codes directly in their personal spaces.

Instant access, hassle-free scanning 📱

‍Once imported, users can access their QR codes with ease by simply navigating to their personal spaces and clicking on "Show QR Code". Whether it's for networking events or seamless data sharing, your QR code is prominently displayed for quick and hassle-free scanning.

Configuration by CSM 🛠️

‍Customize your QR code fields to suit your unique needs with the help of your dedicated Customer Success Manager. We're here to ensure your QR code experience is tailored to perfection.

Experience the future of networking and data sharing with QR Codes in People Profiles – reach out to your CSM today to get started! 🚀

For more information, check out our video guide here.