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August 2, 2022

Publish in the name of...!

Think about ghost writing what you will, it is a part of everyday publishing life. Now it is easier than ever to publish "CEO News" under the name of your CEO while somebody else has written the news. Provided the CEO*) gives trust to another editor...

on-behalf news publishing trust is added through a new section in the user's profile

Then said editor can choose the CEO as being the "editor" of the news.

choose the publisher of the News

This setting then applies to

  • The author name in the news feed
  • The author name when viewing the news
  • The name shown on a notification (if a notification has been sent out for this News)
  • The name shown in an E-Mail
  • ...

That way your users will read CEO News the way they were meant to be.

*) or anyone else who could possibly write content in ahead.