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December 11, 2022

"Aussen Topics, Innen Geschmack"

Coming back from a hiatus with a silly reference to the world of german advertising, this release  is about the new capabilities of the navigation administration.

When being asked about how our navigation is ordered, our customer success managers would have to answer: "Alphabetically", and that was that. Now, it is possible to arrange the navigation topics the way you want it to be:

You get 2 new buttons: Reorder and Move

Reorder Topics

You can reorder topics within their respective "container" - this applies to the root navigational elements as well as their childs. This happens in an interaction that we like to call Pick'n'Drop. Once you select an item, all the places where the topic can go will be shown to you. Click on it, and the topic will be swiftly moved. Only those positions that make sense for the current operation will be offered to you.

The topic "MAVEN" can be moved to the two locations offered

Move Topics

You can also move topics. Again, once activated, the "Put it here" sections will indicate where that particular topic can go.

Moving a topic

This allows you to move a whole section to a different parent, naturally bringing their contents along to the new position. Some limitations exist in that navigation roots cannot become children, and vice versa. Also, navigation topics that have additional (level 3) topics, cannot become a level 3 topic themselves. Regardless, we hope that you enjoy the new-gained freedom of arranging the navigation the way you need it.