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October 1, 2021

Make every employee feel at home with Targeted Designs

Starting today, you can offer your global and diverse workforce their very own design (logo, colors and fonts) that matches their identity.

A subsidiary company needs a different logo? The Marketing department wants to have their own cool colors? Employees in Spain want to change how ahead looks during winter? We got you covered with the new release: Targeted Designs.

Example: A set of different designs targeted to different countries.

To enable Targeted Designs, you first need to set a Main property. One out of four different default Azure Active Directory (AAD) properties can be chosen: companyName, country, department or officeLocation. For example, if you choose 'country' as the Main property, you will be able to have a different design for employees in Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, etc.

Selecting 'country' as the Main property.

Once the Main property is set, you are ready to create new designs and target them to a specific audience within ahead.

Selecting 'Italy' as the target audience for this design.

Check our Help Center article to learn more.