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May 17, 2022

Major Release: Fresh Homepage + Improved Activitify feed + More prominent Compass

After a long time with the same homepage design, the time has come to update it and give it a modern touch. The previous design made inefficient use of space and looked outdated design-wise. With the new release the content is distributed more efficiently, in a clean, uncluttered manner.

Users will be able to better discover what's going on, thanks to the two-column layout available for the desktop version. The mobile version will not undergo major changes in terms of design.

In combination with two other new features —improved Activity feed and Company Compass— , users can now enjoy an enhanced homepage experience. Let's discover them in detail!

New Homepage design

There's a few things featured in the new design:

  • Two-column layout for desktop. Stories and News on the left. Compass and Activities on the right.
  • Cleaner design of Stories, News and Activities cards. We got rid of the boxed containers.
  • News featured image has been moved to the left side.
  • Stories feed has now a two-column layout.

Compare the new design with the old one.

A better Activity Feed

Until now, the Activity feed only included events that you wanted to automatically push into ahead from other apps, thanks to an integration via Zapier. These activities can be anything: social media posts, calendar events, CRM entries, weather reports, etc. We call them 'external' activities.

Now, the Activity feed also displays 'internal' activities. As opposed to external activities, which are pushed from other apps, internal activities are pushed from within ahead. Internal activities are related to ahead content and interactions to it.

Here's the list of events that trigger internal activities:

  • Page is published or updated
  • Someone reacts or comments in a news, page or story
  • Something is posted in a Story (image, video, thought or connection to company compass)
  • A poll finishes

More prominent Company Compass

The Company Compass section in the homepage has been placed in the top right corner. Now it features one element of the Compass, i.e. the Vision, the Mission, one Value, or one Goal.

You can choose which element to display in the homepage. If you don't pin one specific element, a random element will be displayed every day.