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March 18, 2021

Improvements on editor collaboration part 3

In part 3 we introduce a way to obtain editing rights on some content which you're not allowed to edit (yet). If you have editing rights in ahead and visit content where you can't edit, you will see this new button here:

On a page where you cannot edit...

This introduces a very simple workflow - Once you request the permission to edit, all current editors of the page as well as administrators of ahead will get a notification that there is a pending permission request. When you click on the notification, you'll be taken to the page and in the info panel you will see this new section:

If you are editor or an admin, you can accept or decline those requests

Here you will see all currently open permission requests, which you can then accept or decline. Since we already introduced default editor settings, it should not happen too often that a page has have the wrong editor settings.

Even so, this should allow you to get out of situations where some editor is on vacation and the content needs changing or as a simple way to get a new co-author on board without much fuss.