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March 26, 2021

Improvement week outcomes!

At ahead we tried out something - a week focused on going over existing features of our intranet product and improve them in some way. This is what we got for you:

Search Stories

So far, we only allowed you to search through the news and pages of your ahead intranet. This changed - stories will also be searched (in their title and description). Now you can revisit cool stories from the past by searching for them in the ahead search!

Different ahead content is now shown as symbol next to the title

Delete activities

Administrators have gained a new superpower: In certain situations you may want to get rid of an activity - this is typically because you tried out something new and it didn't go according to plan, or to get rid of some things that you created before you officially launch your new intranet.

An admin will now be able to toggle the delete mode, which gives every activity a delete button which, um, deletes the activity.

Delete mode on - activity be gone

All comments on Stories

The navigation around comments on a story element (an image, thought or link to the company compass) was always somewhat awkward - you were taken to a new page to read all the comments - now you'll get the full context of the latest comment and when you click on "show ... more comments" the comments will just be loaded in place, without you losing your position in the page.

Clicking on "Show 3 more comments" loads all comments, so you get the whole context

Scheduled Publishing

One or two of you may have wondered why the maximum time to schedule the publishing of a News / Page into the future was 4 days. Had we been ripped off on the time machine auction? Not at all, alas, the reason for this restriction was of a technical nature and thankfully doesn't exist anymore. This means that in the future you can plan your scheduled publishes up to 30 days in advance, giving you an easier time in working on your planned content.