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April 12, 2024

New Events module 📅

We're thrilled to introduce new Events module, designed to showcase all your important company events directly on your homepage. Here's what you need to know:

Highlight company Events effortlessly 🌟

With the Events module, admins can seamlessly add a dedicated section to the homepage layout, ensuring that all important company events are front and center for employees to see.

Comprehensive Event overview 📌

Similar to the News and Pages, each event has its own page overview where all the details about the event are displayed. From event descriptions to date and time details, everything your team needs to know is easily accessible.

Streamline your calendar integration 📆

Events can be downloaded as an .ics file, allowing you to effortlessly add them to your calendar and stay up-to-date with company happenings.

Versatile building block 🧱

Events aren't just limited to the homepage – they can also be used as building blocks, referenced in news articles or pages, ensuring consistent communication across your intranet.

Ready to Showcase Your Company's Moments? Add the Events Module to your homepage layout today and keep your team informed about all the important happenings in your company.