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October 2, 2023

Enhanced People Profiles – Unlock Richer Connections in Your Organization!

Enhanced People Profiles is a powerful tool that transforms how you connect within your organization.

What's New?

Richer Information, Deeper Connections: Say goodbye to limited profiles. With Enhanced People Profiles, you can now showcase a wealth of information about your colleagues, from their projects and skills to education, certificates, and even personal interests. The possibilities are endless!

Flexible Configurability: Tailor profiles to your organization's needs. Admins have the flexibility to decide what information appears in profiles and where it comes from. Pull data from external sources like HR and ERP systems using our new API, or let employees add their details manually. It's all about putting you in control.

Seamless Integration: The information in Enhanced People Profiles isn't confined to just one space. It seamlessly integrates into other areas of our platform, enhancing the People Directory, search results and enriching other elements like the People building block in news and pages.

Enhanced People Profiles streamlines employee information management. It effortlessly facilitates people discovery, making networking effortless and fostering a stronger sense of belonging among your team. Experience the simplicity and connectedness of Enhanced People Profiles today!

Setting Up Enhanced People Profiles

Intranet admins, supported by your IT team, can effortlessly create Enhanced People Profiles. Customize data sources and select displayed details with ease. Our dedicated Success team is here, ensuring your new People Profiles shine brightly.

Let's enhance your workplace connections together! 🚀