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May 15, 2023

Communities are live!

In the words of our application, "Communities is the place where groups of people can come together to connect and exchange about common interests, hobbies and goals."

One example could be a blackboard where you trade used things - you can write posts with formatted text, attach images or documents or provide links.

prepare posts to share in a community

Community members can then comment and react on it. If you like the community you may want to invite more of your colleagues to it and before you can blink you have a group of people together that share some interestes and now have a space where they can exchange, interact and collaborate

share links with a preview

You can see on your homepage whenever new content arrives in your communities.

For Community Admins

You don't need to be the only admin in a community just because you happen to have created it. Make more members admins - they can change central aspects of a community. Maybe you want a gated access to your community? Then colleagues need to request to join. It is also possible to have private communities where you only join by invitation.

This is a Beta

What does it mean? We don't expect any issues with communities but we're currently still working on it - however, we couldn't wait to put it into your hands and we hope that you can already enjoy the features that are already available.

Get started

So, if not already done, your intranet admin(s) can activate communities in the "General Settings" section - the first 5 communities are on the house!