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March 21, 2024

Ask ahead upgrade: Pages now included!

Previously, 'Ask ahead', our AI-powered search, utilized uploaded documents as its primary information source. Now, we're excited to introduce the capability to include ahead pages as well, broadening the spectrum of available information for more precise results.

With this update, administrators can now instruct Ask Ahead to utilize ahead pages alongside documents, enriching the pool of data accessible for answering employee queries. Enabling this feature is simple—just toggle the setting when publishing or editing a page.

When users utilize Ask ahead to search for answers, they'll receive not only the solution but also direct links to the sources where the information was found, whether it's a document, an ahead page, or both.

Haven't enabled Ask ahead for your team yet? Don't miss out on this invaluable feature. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today to unlock the full potential of Ask ahead for your organization.