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February 1, 2023

All your data belong to you

ahead's main location of data residency is in West Europe (i.e. Amsterdam in the Netherlands) and is therefore well suited to our customers by residing in the Eurozone, a region with a consistent jurisdiction with arguably the strictest requirements in terms of how to handle other people's data. Even so, if you are a swiss customer who prefers that the data that you give to ahead resides in Switzerland, we have you covered.

Azure data centers North and West Europe plus Switzerland North and West (Zurich and Geneva)

If you wish to have that kind of setup for your ahead intranet, it is now possible that the data resides mainly in azure's Zurich data center. From a technical and jurisdictive perspective the Europe locations should serve you well, but if your requirements require that as a Swiss customer your data should stay within the same geographic region this may be the right thing for you.

For more information about azure data centers and data residency, please visit this page.