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September 8, 2021

ahead User Profiles

Now all employees of your organization have an ahead user profile. Before introducing this new feature the profile concept was delegated to Microsoft's Delve. Thus users without license could not reach their profiles and licensed users did not have a good experience either.

With our new ahead profiles, every user has a profile within ahead —even unlicensed users. The profile displays important information in an efficient way, empowering users to know more about their peers and making it easier to contact them.

The user profile shows public information such as their picture, location, their ahead role —editor or admin—, contact details and more.

To see your own  profile, go to your name on the top right corner and click 'My Profile' in the menu. You will see what public information about you is accessible to other users. In the personal preferences section you can select your preferred languages and followed channels.

To see someone else's profile you can:

  • Search for the person in the search box and click on their name. It will take you directly to their ahead profile.
  • Hover over or tap their name wherever you seeit. Then a popup containing brief information about the user will appear. If you want to know more, click on 'See profile'.