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January 7, 2022

Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting is a premium feature that enables editors with a more powerful tool to target the right audiences. This new feature leverages user properties in Azure Active Directory (AAD) and allows you to create target audiences based on user properties.

How it works

First, Admins select which standard AAD properties they want to bring into ahead. The available properties are:

  • city
  • companyName
  • country
  • department
  • jobTitle
  • officeLocation
  • postalCode
  • state
  • streetAddress
  • employeeId

You can review each property and its values to ensure that they are well-maintained and useful. Once you check everything is correct, make the property available for editors so they can start using it to target news and pages.

When publishing news, editors can create a finely tuned target audience on the spot. Set up rules and users who match these rules will be included in the target audience. The new audience can be saved for quicker access in the future.

Users will receive content that is more relevant for them, rather than less relevant content targeted to a broader audience. Thanks to that, their homepages will be clutter-free and informative. The 'News info' section that appears on every news and page informs about the properties and values that have been used to target that specific content. The user values that match the target audience settings will be marked with a ✔.

Additionally, on each user’s profile you can see what values has the user assigned to each property that’s being used for targeting. This can be used by users and editors to check that their values are properly set, so they ensure they don’t miss any information.

Advanced Targeting is a premium feature. It will not replace the current way of using target audiences, it's an optional upgrade which you can get by sending an email to