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January 15, 2021

A quarterly release notes bundle

Boss: "Hey, aren't we developing the product anymore?"
Me: "Uh, yes we do?"
B: "But the last release notes date back to beginning of October"
M: "Oh dear, and that is even though we released 133 times since then"
B: 😲
M: 😲
M: Ok, time to write some release notes, IΒ guess
B: πŸ‘

The past months have seen a lot of changes under the hood that were aimed at avoiding bit rot:

  • updating dependencies
  • migrated to Microsoft's current version of the authentication flow
  • resolved some nasty problems that were occurring during the automated deployment of ahead
  • Migrated the user interface to state of the art tooling that allows us to improve the size of the application
  • A number of other fixes


The elephant in the room, however is that...πŸ₯

ahead is now present in the 2 most popular smartphone application stores!

ahead on the Google Play Store - the Apple one looks almost identical πŸ˜…

Some time ago this was announced on our blog, but now, when you search for "ahead intranet" on either the Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store, you will find our shiny new apps!

On top of all the good functionality you already know from our web interface it gives you notifications. This means that for comments on your pages or story images, new content in the channels you follow or new messages (if your company uses our premium "messages" feature), you'll get a notification (which you can treat as any other notification from any other app on your smartphone).

If you find yourself using ahead regularly from the smartphone, consider getting an even better ahead by installing it for your smartphone from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.