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August 12, 2019

12.08.2019 - Target audiences information extended

  • On the homepage we show a thumbnail of the most recently uploaded photo.
  • We display the selected target audiences, without having to edit a news.
  • We indicate, what channel you are following and what target audience the user is part of. That way it is easier to understand why you are getting a notification.

  • The navigation structure under “Related topics” was removed. The abstract topic structure in the administrator settings is now a 1:1 representation of the navigation and is also called that way.
  • We show how many users are going to be reached with a selected target audience.
  • When setting up a target audience, we show how many users are in the Active-Directory-group and how many of those have access to ahead. If that number should be different, it indicates that some people might still need to be moved into the ahead users/editors/admins group in the Active Directory to access ahead.