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March 11, 2020

Get personal with a custom profile picture 😎

Within ahead, all of us have an identity which we obtain through our company login. With this identity we usually have a profile image with which we can quickly recognize people while communicating in ahead.

Some of us don’t have all Microsoft-related features attached to our identity like e.g. E-Mail. These people don’t obtain a profile picture and looked all the same:

this ends now - upload your own profile image! Those who don’t receive an image through the company directory get the ability to change their profile picture under “Profile”:

1. Start changing your profile picture

2. Upload the photo which you want to use as profile picture(naturally, this also works from your smartphone) and select the area that should become your new profile picture

3. Save the picture

Soon all your colleagues will see your new picture everywhere in ahead where ahead users are shown. No more eggheads 😃!