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October 9, 2018


  • We’re working on the onboarding process for new customers. ahead should be incredibly simple to setup — configuration instead of customization. For this we’re automating the technical steps we currently had to do by hand. Our goal is that interested customers can get a free trial over the website, connect their SharePoint, just try it out. This is no easy task, since you need to consider the whole journey. There’s no consultant explaining the interface, it should be self-explaining and take people by the hand, demonstrating how easy a corporate intranet can be to set up.
  • New design for breadcrumbs, only showing the parent item on small devices.
  • Adjustments to the page editor. Building Blocks (content entities) are now held together by looking like a block. Previously the layout appeared to be visually flying apart sometimes, now it’s held together much better. Some tweaks on the typography, some more line height, levelling margins (“vertical rhythm”) etc.
  • Different screen sizes require different solutions: when reacting to something, for example a story image or a news, previously the emojis opened in a modal window (basically a fullscreen overlay). For small devices this is the perfect solution, but on desktop sizes it seemed out of place. We now use a dropdown solution here (more like a dropover).
  • Adapted some translation strings for more consistency. For example, in search field don’t say “Choose navigation topic” but ”Search navigation topic”, small things like this matter. UIs are 95% text, so making this consistent is equally important as making sure you’re using a consistent color palette.