Targeted Content

The more targeted, the more relevant the content will be for your end user.

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Do you employ more than 100 people in your organization? If so, targeting might be useful to you. In ahead there are three main areas where you can use targeting:

  • News and Sites
  • Quicklinks and Application links
  • Design

Target News and Sites

There are two ways that you can target content to your workforce: either wiith the out-of-the-box targeting mechanism from ahead, or with the "Advanced Targeting" premium feature. You can find all information regarding the set up of targeting here: Manage ahead's targeting


This is a native feature in ahead and allows you to work with pre-existing Azure Active Directory (AAD) groups to target content in ahead to specific users. By setting a target audience, you can reach certain people about relevant news and thus reduce information overload. With this feature, we provide a tool that considers the information needs of each employee. Consider talking to your internal IT representative about the creation and maintenance of those AAD groups.

Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting is a feature that enables editors with a more powerful tool to target the right audiences. This feature leverages user properties in Azure Active Directory (AAD) and allows you to create target audiences based on user properties, like job title, department, office location and more.

Advanced Targeting is a premium feature. It doesn't replace the current way of using target audiences, it's an optional upgrade which you can activate by sending an email to pascal@aheadintranet.com.

Quick links and Application links

You can add links to important tools & applications your employees need on a daily basis to ahead, to make sure that they are easily accessible by your workforce. Sometimes it is helpful that these links can be targeted to specific user groups. You can set up the main targeting property in order to target quick links and applications according to this property. Follow this help article on how to set it up: Add and Update Quicklinks & Applications


It is also possible to create alternative targeted designs in ahead. This might be the case for companies with subsidiaries that have an own specific design. In this case you would again need to set up a main targeting property in order to define and create targeted designs. This is a native feature of ahead and you can check find a detailed description on how to do it here: Target the design to a specific user group


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