Onboarding Users

Most of your user base will use ahead as "normal" users. It is vital for the success of the platform to plan this step well.

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Distributing Login and Password

Your users need to be able to log in to the platform, so it's important to plan the distribution of usernames and passwords well ahead. Here are some ideas from our customers that can serve as an inspiration to you:

  • Pre-existing channels: take advantage of a regular department or team meeting to distribute usernames and passwords to employees
  • Salary slip: the salary slip is sent to and checked by employees on a regular basis - you can add the information to it as an attachment (e.g. as a flyer)
  • SMS: if you have your employees' mobile numbers, this is a greta way notfiy them
  • and many more...

Define entry & exit processes of employees

Most organizations undergo fluctuation in their personnel. Make sure to clarify entry and exit processes with HR and IT. Define who is responsible to add new users to the platform and who removes them when they leave. Most importantly: inform new people that you have a communications platform by making ahead part of the onboarding process at your organization.

Spark curiosity

Your employees should know about the relevance and importance of this application. The more anticipation there is (so-called "buzz"), the more people will proactively join the platform on their own. How can you stimulate such behavior?

  • Pre-view: provide a few people with sneak peaks into the new platform. Get their feedback and make them your ambassadors.
  • Teasers: communicate small teasers that something new is coming ahead of the launch date to spark curiosity
  • Management engagement: Inform management of the relevance and benefit of ahead to get their buy-in and set expectations for their engagement with the platform.
  • Expectations management: inform, be transparent and authentic.


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