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In this area you can manage optional features in ahead. Optional features are included by default, premium features are available for an additional fee.

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We highly encourage you to use stories in ahead. They enable and empower your workforce to exchange experiences, stories, and interesting content. This caters to the feeling of belonging in your organization. By default, every person can create a story - and regardless of who the owner of the story is: everyone can participate by adding content. There is the possibility to use stories as an internal campaign tool. Following are some ideas on cool campaigns by our customers:

  • Cyber Security Awareness: Tell your colleagues to share pictures of security-relevant situations (e.g. unlocked screens, printed confidential information, ...)
  • Share your Home Office: Share some cool DIY home office set-ups
  • Employee Branding: Highlight a specific position in your organization by letting people post about their work day.
  • Team Event: Share and see pictures from your ongoing or past team event
  • and many more...

Premium Features

There are a number of premium features available. They include the following:

  • Advanced Targeting: Use Azure Active Directory (AAD) properties to create target groups on the spot, instead of having to rely on AAD Groups.
  • Auto-Translation: Tired of creating content in multiple languages? Just use auto-translate. It is powered by Deepl, the most accurate translator.
  • Messages: Allow your workforce to communicate directly on ahead without having to rely on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms that are outside of your control.


There are four different types of activities displayable in the activities feed in ahead.

  • External Activities: Use our API to create activity posts in ahead. There are multiple possibilities already documented in our help center: Set up external Activities in ahead
  • Reactions: You don't want to miss what's going on and where people are reacting to content! It is possible to turn off the creation of activities for reactions.
  • Comments: See when someone has left a comment. For every comment, an activity (bundle) will be created.
  • Creation and update of pages: When a page has been created or updated, an activity is created, making it easier for users to stay up-to-date.


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