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In order to succeed in internal communications it is vital to have a clear plan. Let us show you a simple tool.

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Successful internal communication with ahead depends on the relevance of your content for your workforce, as well as having a clear view of what you're trying to achieve in the long term. The architecture of ahead enables you to do exactly that. We recommend you use the Communications Matrix as a tool to assemble all necessary topics, define responsibilities, and develop a plan, as follows:

  1. Assemble your team and brainstorm what overarching topics in your organization are communicated currently. Examples include Success Stories, New Hires, CEO Statements, Event Announcements, etc.
  2. Clarify the responsibilities of your editors' team, make sure that you name specific people that are in charge of publishing the content.
  3. In order to stay relevant, it is vital that one makes use of the targeting capabilities in ahead. Target the content to the relevant people. Not every post of news will be intended for everyone.
  4. As a rule of thumb we suggest you publish 2-3 articles per week. Think about the frequency of the information flow. Ideally, the user can see new, relevant information every day.
  5. When considering the channels, try to think of overarching topics or categories of content that you would like to publish on ahead, now and in the future. For example HR News, Events, Sales & Marketing.
  6. Last but not least, you might consider defining goals for each topic. What are you trying to influence, why are you communicating about this topic - is it related to a specific strategy in your organization?
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