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What areas of ahead's design can be changed?

Take a color and a typeface and you have a brand

We reduced the degree of customization to a minimum in ahead so that we can ensure the best experience for your employees. Still, you can create your own company theme based on a few variables.

Admins can edit ahead's design to meet the corporate identity. Under their profile > Company Settings > Design they can manipulate different attributes to adapt some elements of the ahead interface.

Below, we highlighted in orange how the different variables affect different elements of the interface.

Interaction Color

The Interaction Color indicates that something is clickable. It will be applied to primary buttons, links etc.

Active Color

The Active Color signalizes that an element is currently being used. This could be a selected building block, an active tab or an input field that you’ve selected.

Background of Command Bar

This can be a solid color or a gradient. Basically anything that the CSS background attribute allows (documentation). It will also get used for some layout elements that have a highlighted bar at the top.

Color of Command Bar Links

This is the color for links in the command bar. When selected, the previously defined Active Color will be used.

Rounded corners

Some brands want to appear distanced and serious, others gentle, with softer corners. You can define a universal corner rounding which will get applied to all interface elements. We recommend you to be careful when setting this value. See the exaggerated image above.


You can define your company’s font, which will then be used across your ahead intranet. Make sure you have the license rights for this. The font should be available in at least a regular and bold weight. You’ll have to provide these fonts in the woff format.