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Managing users in ahead

Use case

HR wants to relieve the IT workload by taking over user management and access to ahead itself.

1. Creating a User Administrator

  • An IT administrator must create a new user at
  • Navigate to Azure Active Directory → Users.
  • Click on New User.

  • Click on Users in the Groups and Roles area.

  • Select the User Administrator role.

  • HR can now log in with this login and create users themselves.

2. Creating Users

  • For the new user to receive his password and login name, you can send it to a private e-mail address.

Select product licenses if required

  • To display a profile picture for the user in ahead, at least Exchange Online (Plan 1) must be selected. More information: Why don't my profile pictures show up?
  • ahead however also works without product licenses.

  • Further information about the user can be entered under profile information. ahead displays job title ("job profile"), department, telephone (business), mobile phone and email address.

  • Click on Finish Adding.
  • The new user has been created.

3. Giving users access to ahead

  • Click on User -> Active Users and search for the user you just created.
  • Right click on Assign to group.

  • Click on Add memberships.

  • Search for "ahead" to narrow down the search results. Select ahead users, ahead editors or ahead admins depending on the role the user should have. The naming of the groups can be slightly different depending on what has been selected as the name for the ahead permission groups in Azure Active Directory.

  • By clicking on Save, the user is granted access to ahead.

4. Deleting users

  • Click on User -> Active Users and search for the user to be deleted.
  • Right click on Delete User.
  • The user is removed and access to ahead is revoked.