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How to translate News and Pages

ahead offers editors an easy way to manage translations for News, Pages and the Company Compass. Editor translations are supported in the languages chosen by the intranet admin when they set up ahead.

Let’s see how to create a Page with translations.

Start by creating a Page and choose the language in which you want to write the first translation.

We recommend the content for the first language to be fully composed before adding more translations. Add all building blocks needed (rich text, images, documents, people, etc.) and fill them with content.

To add a translation, click on the ‘+’ button at the top of the page, in the translations section. You can start the new translation from scratch or copy the content from an existing translation.

Regardless of whether you start from scratch or copy the content, the building block structure of the page will remain the same. Building blocks are synched between translations. This means that if you add, delete or move – up or down – a building block in a translation, it will affect all other translations of the same page.

On the other hand, the content inside the building blocks is not synched. While the main structure remains the same, you can define different content for different translations. You can obviously have different texts, but also different images, embedded content, attached documents and so on.

While editing, you can switch between languages, add more translations or delete translations.

Once the content is published, readers will be shown the translation that fits their language preferences. They will also be able to navigate the other translations with a language switcher in the side panel.

✔️ Best practice: Although you can publish the news and then publish the translations afterwards, we recommend to write all translation before publishing the news.