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Admins - Company Settings


Users with the Admin role have permissions to configure some settings that are applied company-wide and affect all users. These settings can be found in the ‘Company Settings’ area, under the profile menu. Admins manage these settings to ensure that Editors have the right tools to do their job and every user gets the best ahead experience.

Let’s see how to manage the most important Company Settings.

Lesson 1: The Navigation Structure

An important responsibility of Admins is creating and maintaining the Navigation Structure for the knowledge pages that Editors publish.

Lesson 2: Managing Target Audiences

Admins are also in charge of adding groups from Azure Active Directory into ahead. These groups become Target Audiences that will be used by Editors when publishing News and Pages.

Lesson 3: Quicklinks and Applications

Admins define which Quicklinks & Applications are included in the navigation menu, to provide users with fast access to their most important links and apps.