TESTEX rolls out ahead internationally

May 14, 2020

TESTEX is a globally active and independent Swiss testing and certification company specialising in textile testing.

Founded in Zurich in 1846 as "Seidentrocknungsanstalt Zürich", TESTEX has developed from a traditional company into an accredited testing and certification company thanks to its high-quality services and great innovative strength. Today, in addition to its headquarters in Zurich, TESTEX has 24 other branches worldwide and a total of 300 employees.


Due to the strong global growth, it became increasingly challenging to pick up the staff in terms of communication and to help shape the TESTEX culture at all locations. In order to be prepared for the future, the TESTEX management decided to embark on a digitisation project to modernise the entire IT landscape. This far-reaching change had to be accompanied by communication. This task can only be accomplished with a cross-location communication tool - a digital entrance portal for the company that is available to all employees and ensures communication and the consolidation of the corporate culture during the change. In addition, this solution should be able to be rolled out quickly.


Within only two weeks ahead was set up, configured and prepared for GoLive. Within a very short time ahead was available to all employees worldwide in several languages. At the launch, CEO Serge Rolle greeted all employees by video message. In this way he conveyed a feeling of closeness - despite the different locations.

The daily work routine is considerably simplified by ahead, so information & documents can be found quickly and easily via a central entry point. The change in the IT landscape can also be easily accompanied. News and information can be shared immediately with all employees, training information is stored on ahead and employees can respond to content by means of comments and likes.

Instead of starting another time-consuming intranet project, TESTEX opted for a Software-as-a-Service solution that is easy to use and flexible. ahead facilitates change in the IT landscape and offers every employee a clear and easy-to-understand information and communication platform.

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