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July 28, 2023
Sophia Brandt
Customer Success Manager

Localsearch is a 100% subsidiary of Swisscom. With and, the company operates the two directory platforms with the widest reach in Switzerland. Localsearch employs 600 people throughout Switzerland at its four main locations in Zurich, Bern, Sion and Lausanne. In addition, they offer numerous other products and services that help SMEs to be better found online, to acquire new customers and to retain them in the long term. With simple and effective solutions for online marketing, competent on-site consulting and an attractive price-performance ratio, localsearch contributes to the success of Swiss SMEs in the digital world.

The Challenge

The communications team at localsearch, which is also responsible for internal communications, was looking for a solution to provide employees with all relevant information for their daily work. The goal was to create a platform that would allow employees to access all internal information, regardless of whether they were in the office, on the road, or working from home. 

The Solution

Together with the team at localsearch, ahead and Screenimage developed a concept that combines intranet, mobile app and digital signage (information screens) in such a way that employees are provided with information via one or the other channel depending on their work situation.

With the solutions from ahead and Screenimage, we were able to build a hub that offers our colleagues very good access to the internal information world of localsearch. And at the same time, my team can easily create the content and automatically play it out on all channels at the same time. - Stefan Wyss, Head of Communications

ahead Intranet & App

All employees have access to the ahead intranet solution and are connected with each other. Here they can find all company information relevant to them. In ahead, they can also share their experiences and insights with the entire company in the form of stories with photos and videos and exchange information with each other about the various contents. With the mobile app, employees can also access the platform's content while on the road or at home.

Digital signage

The info screens are used to provide employees with the latest information quickly and directly. For this purpose, info monitors were installed at critical locations such as the cafeteria. This is where the great strength of digital signage becomes apparent - content is perceived "in passing" without employees having to actively search for it.

The info screens are used, among other things, to display company news, event notices or announcements. In addition to manual display, the screens are automatically filled with content from the intranet.

The solution exemplifies the potential of combining and linking digital signage, intranet and an employee app in practice to reach all employees.

Using cloud technologies, all output media are seamlessly integrated. The platform can easily be expanded to meet the future communication needs of the localsearch.

Connect your employees with ahead

Create your own content hub with important company information for your entire workforce

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Connect your employees with ahead
Create your own content hub with important company information for your entire workforce
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