Nachbur opts for an interactive communication strategy and a connected team

Discover how the family business reimagined internal communication

January 26, 2024
Sophia Brandt
Customer Success Manager

Nachbur AG, a Swiss family business founded in 1947, has been a driving force in the field of precision turned parts for more than seven decades. Its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has created lasting partnerships and made it a trusted name in the industry. With around 100 dedicated employees, Nachbur faced a particular challenge in terms of communication: how do we reach all employees flexibly and efficiently? In this success story, we show how Nachbur overcame these challenges and transformed its communication strategy.


Rethinking internal communication:

Different means of communication were already being used at Nachbur. As in other companies, Nachbur employs a diverse workforce with varying working hours and workplaces. The effective communication of important company information to all employees was an important concern. In addition, communications should now flow both vertically and horizontally.


The solution:

In the age of interactive communication, Nachbur realized that a digital solution was needed. This would meet the needs of all employees, especially those who work in production. The team at Nachbur therefore opted for a user-friendly intranet solution.

In just four weeks, the team successfully set up their new ahead intranet platform, which makes information and resources easily accessible to all employees at any time.

Themanagement team at Nachbur, from left to right: Tiziana Schenk,HR Manager, Michel Viandante, Production & QS Manager, BenediktBerchtold, Logistics & IT Manager, Gabriela Graf, FinanceManager, Claudio Olini, Sales Manager, Daniel Graf, CEO

The new intranet has proven to be an effective tool that promotes communication and teamwork within the company.

  • Accessibility for all: With the mobile app, all employees have access to important company information. It's easy to stay informed and connected, regardless of where and when you work.
  • Centralized information storage: The intranet serves as a central storage location for company-related documents, process documentation and information needed for daily work. This eliminates the tedious search for paper documents or requests for information from the HR department.
  • Interactive communication: The platform encourages employee interaction with content, reactions, comments and surveys. This enables the exchange of ideas and discussions among employees in real time and promotes a sense of unity within the company.
  • User-friendly design: The intuitive design of the intranet ensures that all employees can easily find their way around and use the functions without any problems.
With a targeted onboarding campaign, employees could easily login to the intranet

Nachbur's success story is a prime example of how companies can overcome communication challenges and support their workforce with the right tools and communication strategies. With ahead, they have not only optimized communication, but also fostered a stronger sense of unity among their diverse workforce.

Employees can access important company information from anywhere on the ahead app

Internal comms made easy

Discover how easily you can transform your internal communication with ahead

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Internal comms made easy
Discover how easily you can transform your internal communication with ahead
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