From 0 to Intranet

September 4, 2019
Pascal Grossniklaus
Founder & CEO

Are the employees important to yo? Do you believe that transparent communication increases the motivation and commitment of your employees? You are absolutely right.

According to a Gallup study "State of the Global Workplace 2017", more than 67% of employees are not actively engaged and not aligned with the company vision, mission and values. This has a negative impact on the success of the company.

This contrasts with companies where 70% of employees are committed. These are on average 21% more profitable.

Introducing an intranet to become communicatively active and align employees with the company vision, mission and values does not have to be expensive and complex. With ahead and our guideline "From 0 to Intranet" it is possible in days instead of months. The following contents await you:

  • Why an intranet
  • The stages of an intranet project
  • Stakeholders: Requirements and benefits
  • Communication channels and content
  • Preparation
  • Go-Live

This document should help you to adapt your internal communication channels and establish an intranet as a central component of a successful information culture.

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