Carhartt Work in Progress takes internal communication to the next level

Carhartt WIP is part of Work in Progress Holding AG. With ahead, they want to push their internal communication further and keep all their employees constantly up to date with the latest information.

November 18, 2020

Carhartt WIP is part of Work in Progress Holding AG. The family-owned group of companies began in the early 1990s as a licensee and European distributor of the US workwear manufacturer Carhartt. Since then, the company has developed its own collections based on workwear originals. In the meantime, Work in Progress has about 1400 employees, who can be found in production, back office, logistics and sales. The company has various locations worldwide.


Before ahead we didn't have a clear communication channel. Our locations are spread all over Europe. There is a wide variety of work being carried out at each location, so it is difficult to inform everyone when anything new happens in the company. Of course we had something like weekly meetings with updates, but we were looking for a smart and modern way to bring everyone together. The solution for us was ahead.


It was important that everyone - regardless of the age or the previous technical knowledge - could use the tool and a high degree of individuality was guaranteed. These two things in combination with the technical requirements formed the mix why we think ahead is the right choice. Furthermore, we wanted a purely informative intranet, no processes or project plans should appear on our intranet, but only information about the company that every employee can view, comment, design and link. Thanks to the multilingualism that ahead offers, which is extremely important for an international company like ours, our decision for ahead was once again supported.


The onboarding was super easy. With the ahead team you were quickly on a wavy line. The highlights were clearly the in-house workshops with the Customer Success Manager of ahead, which were very productive and goal-oriented. In these workshops the individual goals of our intranet were evaluated and worked out and the functionality of the system was presented. In cooperation with some employees, the necessary work was clearly distributed and the 'live connection' was quickly achieved.

Greatest benefit

ahead offers our employees the possibility to access to the news from our company at any time, especially in these difficult times when clear communication is even more important. But not only the news, also shared information and guidelines are useful for everyone. It is a kind of "library" for the company. In addition, our employees appreciate the interactivity and social aspect of ahead, as anyone can comment and write.

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