Brugg Group is one step ahead with modern communication

With ahead, the Brugg Group has found an overarching internal communication tool with which all employees can be reached, kept up to date, and share updates in an interactive and collaborative way.

April 21, 2022
Sophia Brandt
Customer Success Manager

The Brugg Group is an industrial niche player with more than1,700 employees in over 35 offices worldwide. The company is highly diversified – with a presence in all major producing countries in the main areas of piping systems for local and district heating as well as for industry; elevator and lifting technology, and special cables for electromobility and wind power. Other business areas include process control technology and protection systems against natural hazards and special ropes for transport railroads, mining and design architecture.

Brugg’s vision is to create the best infrastructure solutions in their business segments. All around the world, with the best teams.

Internal Communication Challenge

As the employees are distributed worldwide and in different subsidiaries, internal communication plays a very important role. Before ahead, communication for projects was done mainly via email, in-house TV, through Threema, and a separate project tool.

Since many employees did not have access to a digital communication channel or corporate email, it was difficult to reach all employees. It was also not possible to target communications to specific divisions or target groups.


The Brugg Group chose ahead because of its simple design and because it offers many possibilities for interactive employee involvement. Content can be communicated to specific target groups and in addition, ahead integrates seamlessly with existing Microsoft Office365 IT infrastructure.

  • A overarching communication tool, with which all departments can communicate their specific topics to all employees and target individual target groups.
  • The ease of use of ahead enables content to be created and made available to all employees in an uncomplicated manner and without the need for training.
  • Employee identification with the company is strengthened by the company compass and through value-oriented communication.
  • The exchange between subsidiaries is promoted and employees have the opportunity to share exciting content and react to company communications with likes and comments and give direct feedback.

With ahead, it is simple to digitalize corporatecommunications and thereby strengthen employee engagement.

“Thanks to ahead, the Brugg Group is one step ahead with ourcommunications.” - Dr. Stephan Wartmann, CEO Brugg Group

Take your communication to the next level with ahead

Have a look at how ahead can transform the way your company communicates.

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Take your communication to the next level with ahead
Have a look at how ahead can transform the way your company communicates.
Watch demo

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