Ask the Expert: Tatjana Zbinden - Investing in culture and community

Chief Human Resources Officer Tatjana Zbinden and her HR team focus on an excellent employee experience and open and honest communication at the fast-growing Isolutions AG.

March 21, 2023
Michael Trummer
Chief Customer Officer

A strong company culture and employee experience are not only a strong competitive advantage, but also leading factors for stronger employee engagement and satisfaction.

In this edition of Ask the Expert, we hear from Tatjana Zbinden from isolutions how she tackles these topics. Isolutions is a leading Swiss IT consultancy supporting companies into thedigital future.

This interview was originally published on HR Today, the leading Swiss trade journal for HR Managers, by Christine Bachmann on November 23, 2022.

You can also download the interview (in German) here: Download interview.

What HR topics are keeping you most busy at the moment?

Our company is growing very strongly due to ongoing digitization. As a result, recruiting and employer branding are becoming very important. We are also concerned with the development of our employees and managers. At the beginning of the year, we launched our Leadership Academy with five training modules and accompanying discussions on personal development, and in January we are launching our new talent management program. Through a self-nomination process, we are trying to identify our most motivated talents as early as possible and prepare them with tailored programs for important roles that will arise in the future as a result of our growth. In the technology sector, the shortage of skilled workers is widespread.

What do you do differently from competitors?

We differentiate ourselves by offering an excellent employee experience.

What are the elements of such an employee experience and how do you design them?

The physical, technological and cultural working environment are all elements that contribute to a good employee experience. With our premises, we are in a prime location. Our technological working environment meets all the criteria of a modern, hybrid way of working - we don't just sell digitization, we live it. And last but not least: Shaping our culture is a major concern for us; our core values of credibility, curiosity and enthusiasm are strongly anchored.

Speaking of culture: You are responsible for over 200 employees at four locations. How do you shape the corporate culture and cohesion?

We maintain open and honest communication. Every Monday morning, we have a hybrid 15-minute "zäme reden" (talk together) to start the week - we connect all the sites for this. In addition, information is shared quickly and transparently using our "ahead" intranet solution, and employees are invited to comment on it. In addition, everyone can post stories and draw attention to topics from their own business and private environment. In addition to these measures, we make great efforts to create extraordinary event experiences that enable personal exchange. Last June, for example, we took the entire crew to a multi-day "BeachBootCamp" in Barcelona. We also invited potential employees to attend by awarding them wildcards.

2021 you were presented with the "Great Place To Work" award. What does that mean to you?

Very much. We've always been aware that we invest a lot in our culture and good teamwork. To have this effort confirmed externally with a label is an appreciation of the work we do. We were particularly pleased that we were ranked among the top companies when we were first awarded the label.

What sets your HR team apart?

We work closely with our crew and involve them and their needs in shaping many HR topics. We also have a modern way of thinking and working, using progressive HR practices and addressing new-work issues.

Where do you see yourself and your team in the future?

We continue to pursue the vision of offering the best customer and employee experience as well as being a pioneer within the entire HR industry with exemplary, modern working methods and forms.

Invest in your company culture with ahead

With ahead you can connect, engage and inspire your entire workforce through modern internal communication.

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Invest in your company culture with ahead
With ahead you can connect, engage and inspire your entire workforce through modern internal communication.
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