ahead takes the plunge

May 13, 2020

"Communicate quickly and directly with all employees". It should not matter whether they are knowledge workers or employees without their own digital workplace. That is the vision of ahead for the modern workplace. Since 10.03.2020 ahead is an independent AG. From now on it will take over product development and the international market presence in the USA and Europe.

isolutions is the leading full-service provider for the entire Microsoft solution portfolio. The company bundles the experience of more than 100 realized intranet projects in a new "Intranet as a Service" offer called ahead.

A dedicated team has been developing the solution for a year. This has already proven to be successful on the market. Over 25 customers such as Carhartt, HotellerieSuisse, Glutz, Vebego or JobCloud are already using ahead.

"ahead helps to inspire employees for the new vision and bring the company values to life. This makes them part of the change process and fires innovation, customer satisfaction and corporate success", explains Bruno Räz, CEO of Glutz AG, his reasons for using ahead.

This promising feedback from the market has made it possible to take the step of founding our own AG.

Companies that want to use ahead no longer need long development and introduction phases. As a "Software as a Service" solution, ahead is ready for use in just a few days.

In addition, the software is constantly being developed on the basis of user feedback. But modern collaboration is not only about technology, it is also about culture. ahead not only has all the technological prerequisites for digital transformation, it also offers all the functions needed to accompany a cultural change in a company.

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