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November 7, 2019
Pascal Grossniklaus
Founder & CEO

The Company Compass

With the Company Compass, we launched a feature that allows companies to share their vision, mission, values and objectives with all employees. Unfortunately, these elements are deemed to be worthless by employees if they are not lived within the day-to-day business.

How does it work?

In order to bring company values to life, we link News and picture Stories to the relevant aspects from the mission statement. For instance, a Story presenting the new solar panels on the roof can be linked to the company value ‘sustainability’, which shows its importance for the company. This ensures that the Company Compass will become second nature to employees and that they themselves will act accordingly in the future. The mission statement comes to life instead of gathering dust as a PDF reserved for management board presentations.

Picture of connected stories

Who benefits from it?

The feature is most beneficial to companies that are in the midst of a process of change or that have difficulties in getting all employees to move in the same direction.
The Company Compass and the linked content have an especially long-lasting and convincing effect, because values are not simply presented as empty catchphrases; instead, they come alive in pictures and elaborate content.


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